An image I made for a digital collage assignment — the one that I was late to submit. Lol. It had to be a narrative of some form. This was the first time ever (ever. ever) I used Photoshop beyond basic adjustments. And I was sweating because I was with some real artsy kids who had done photography since high school. But God can give great mercy at 3am, which also happens to be when I am writing this (because I have to do another photo class assignment due later in the day). Won’t be long before I cringe at it, but I like it now so why not post it.

I was trying to depict decay. The background clock and soil are google images (originals: 1 & 2) but the flowers are all pictures I took this semester, with their colours altered. I kept the colour because I have a fascination with dying flowers now — my goal this semester was to buy/keep a flower each week and I actually did for the first 2 months this sem. : ) Couldn’t continue because the school farm’s season ended. Anyway, flowers have the most amazing colours as they’re dying, even though they are basically rotting away. I find that so captivating. And counterintuitive. It’s almost like a pleasant surprise. And I actually enjoy the process of seeing them change.

With that I extended the narrative to include how there’s beauty in dying. Hard to find, but it’s there. It emerges slowly. Of course, because of the past two years I have a curiosity about grief now, which I almost resent but can’t seem to get rid of. I never have subject matter for my photos anyway (I’m not the abstract/interpretive type) so I won’t complain.

Let me know what you think! (Done any work exploring grief/decay?)

 P.S. Can you imagine naming your child Pulchritude? I admire the sentiment (sincerely!) but how do you create a nickname from that. :/
Only chose that title because the sound of the word just reminds me of crushed flowers and the texture you feel while crushing them and the saturation of the colours.

P.P.S. But if I say the word in my head too many times it starts to sound like some gross stage in puberty, and then smelliness. I’m considerably weird.

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