You ever realize that you’ve settled in your Christian life? And you managed to convince yourself that you were doing just fine?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a person’s 20’s are just such an easy period to forget God. There are so many new opportunities and possibilities, and then post-college you start getting into all these adult-life routines that make it easier to want more excitement (whether it’s through things, people, travel, achievements). And God can seem like an ‘okay’ component to include if you really want, but not like, your life and breath and everything. Especially when you seem to think you have your next few steps in life figured out.

Lol and it’s even worse when there are fewer people around you to live the same kind of life with, or remind you what’s missing in your spiritual life.

I suppose you can either see it as an opportunity to grow in your spiritual independence or to get lazy/scrape by.

It’s harder for me because I’m in a transitional stage, but hopefully (hopefully) I won’t have to endure it for long…Either way, solution-wise I think there are really just two things:

1) Courtesy a tweet by R. C. Sproul that I just saw, I’m reminded of the absolute necessity of God Himself to enable the believer to believe. I always forget that: (1) I really don’t have the ability to do everything that I ought to do, and (2) talking to God Himself is often a good first step.

2) Secondly, I think there needs to be some sort of balance between (and healthy measure of) studying and living (= personally and in community). Each one seems lackluster when done alone, but together they actually fuel each other. And keep each other in check, if that makes sense. I don’t have the luxury of readily being provided the tools for those things like I did in college, but I’m certainly willing to do better — for my own sake. It might take some time (maybe a long time), but I’d rather see myself trying than wondering “how did I get here?”

Anyway that was just me writing for my own processing. Been needing to get something (just anything) out for a while.

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