I thought it would be fun to keep track of the things I currently like (from within a period of a few months…probably about 3-5, that’s usually how long my tastes/preferences last). And maybe find some kindred spirits who connect in one way or the other. [Orr you will just discover how strange I may be, to you at least.] I like to notice how art/pop culture influences me and how I shift over the months in terms of what I really enjoy. Also proves helpful when I’m thinking about making or buying things. Couldn’t be bothered to split it into two posts so this is for stuff from January to July 2015.

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image via Polyvore

  • burgundyyy (now one of my favourite clothing and makeup colours)
  • Thanks to the class on Chinese art I unfortunately hated (not for the content, but for the nature of the class itself), I found out about the blue-and-green style of Chinese painting. It’s pretty cool and I love it, especially how rich the colours are in some works. I think it’s the best when gold is included.
  • Asiyami Gold‘s personal projects that she art directed. (gahh lol love them. especially the ones with that stunning girl from the Wondaland group, St. Beauty)
  • I discovered this awesome moodboard site, niice.co through a Creative Bloq post. Kind of geared towards designers. (Fun fact, I have lots of photos from Asiyami’s projects in there!)
  • This Behance project is a cool example of going the lengths to make amazing work, with real food.


So I would actually like to do reviews of the albums/artists that I mention, but I can’t promise that — especially because I’m just not really up to speed with current music, and not really a wide listener. Maybe when my “listening lifestyle” changes I will but yeah, anyway…

  • Jhené Aiko – Been meaning to check her out for the longest. Her debut album didn’t disappoint! I listened to most of the songs on it, from around November all the way through to March, maybe. Very ethereal, laid back, carefree, pretty (in her sound. just realized it can apply to her looks as well haha).
  • Lupe – the album singles ‘Deliver’ and ‘Adoration of the Magi’
  • Jazmine Sullivan – praiiiiiiiiiiiise. madam released an album! so thankful and it was pretty good. high on my list for getting a dedicated blog post. ‘Let It Burn’ was everything for me, I played it “till till”
  • SPZRKT –  the Lord shined His face upon us and caused SPZRKT (pronounced ‘Spazzy Rocket’) and Sango to release Hours Spent Loving You. i’m still grateful chale
  • J-Louis – I think I randomly listened to one of the songs from the EP he put out for Soulection’s White Label series, and it was geeehd. And then I listened to the rest and it was geeehd. So now I can listen to anything he posts on Soundcloud. And can also conclude he’s a good producer
  • Kehlani – really liked some of the songs on You Should Be Here. also her song with Mr. Carmack. found her name after SPZRKT tweeted at her then just started watching videos about her and got sucked into a digital rabbit hole….she can sing!
  • KB – (Tomorrow We Live) one of the most encouraging albums for me in terms of Christianity, perseverance, mental and emotional health, faith
  • Ella Henderson – I thought I was never going to succumb to the popularity of ‘Ghost’ but I diddd LOL. But honestly it didn’t even become my favourite song of hers. Her album is reeally good! Empires and Pieces are some of my favourites.
  • Lauren Daigle 
  • Hiatus Kaiyote – no words, just confetti and me looking around frantically for how to describe them lol. please I credit Edem for bringing them to my attention (thank you!). Choose Your Weapon is one of the best albums this year (and guess who got to see them live for free?! sad and shameful story connected to it but i might tell later on)


  • Philly is a beautiful city, in spite of its imperfections and slightly aged look in some parts. The ad agency I got to shadow in over there was amazing, and their bigger clients are reeally involved in the cities they operate in so that was really heartwarming for me. (I would love to be part of a culture/ecosystem like that in the advertising world, in the near future.) The central part of the city is lovely to walk in, and pretty relaxing (with less noise, trash, and people) as compared to NYC. It was lovely to see the Christmas lights in the trees near City Hall and a cute skating rink I would pass on my way to and from work. Another plus was fulfilling my sweet potato fry cravings at a really small, but high-end burger place called 500º.
  • DC!! I got the chance to stay in Georgetown (foh freee though! one of the loves of my life, Sedinam, was gracious enough to host me). It’s a beautiful (upscale) neighbourhood in Washington. They have good food and retail therapy and bruh I needed it. I was going crazy over the summer staying at my university after graduation. *throws up* It was my third time in DC and it was one of the best times of my life, seriously! (I got to see SOULECTION!! It was a BUCKET LIST item I made up this very year lol! Just going to stop there. I have a backlog of blog posts, really)



  • (I shamelessly love food…) garlic cheesy bread bites, and bacon + tomato/BBQ chicken bites from Domino’s. Discovered this while continuing the broke college student lifestyle over the summer. Anyway they are to-die-for, if you can spare a junk food meal once in a while
  • Wingo’s – lovely wings Sedinam introduced me to while in DC
  • Sephora – i just started getting into them last year and bruh! I didn’t know they give free samples to Sephora Insiders (loyalty members)! ei from that day I was sold! The nice lady at Manhattan Mall even gave me my free birthday gift this summer, even though my birthday had passed. She’s smart. so smart
  • Family Systems Therapy (or family therapy) is a really appealing concept to me lool. Learned about it through a Counseling Psychology class. I’m sure many Ghanaian families would benefit

That’s all for now; any comments, questions, reactions, *recommendations* — let me know!

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