For the distance between who you are and who you know you should be,
between where you are and the heights you would like to reach,
between fear and peace,
between anxiety/uncertainty and reassurance,
between your weakness and heavenly strength.

I was going through a little rough moment and had time to design something. I tried thinking of other things and getting myself to calm down. For some reason I remembered the image of the Cross as a bridge, and then this came to mind. I needed the reminder. Have to tell myself this every day. Especially because fear of failure was instilled in me at an early age and sometimes I slip and worry too much about what will become of me (and also mistake that for who I will become).

I decided to give this image out as a wallpaper, maybe it can be a reminder for you too.

(Download at links below)

iPhone/Mobile | Laptop | Desktop

Hopefully this is the first of more to come.

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