I thought it would be fun to keep track of the things I currently like (from within a period of a few months; that’s usually how long my tastes/preferences last) and maybe find some kindred spirits who connect in one way or the other. [Orr you will just discover how strange I may be, to you at least.] I like to notice how art/pop culture influences me and how I shift over the months in terms of what I really enjoy. Also proves helpful when I’m thinking about making or buying things. This is from July to December 2015. Can’t remember everything though, since I waited so long to post lol (maybe I’ll remember and come back!).


  • Rose gold!
Untitled #2
(collage via Polyvore)
So what I really wanted right after this phase, was a *good* five-panel hat with a rose gold leather label on it (like a Herschel label – but something a little better than a Herschel hat). Right now though I really wouldn’t mind a rose gold watch 😍😭)


  • Swade  So Swade could actually be classified under the first part of this year as well, but he released another song in September which I liked so I just figured I would put him in Part 2. He’s a rapper and producer, and signed to the same label as SPZRKT (now known as Xavier Omär; ‘Middle of Things’, Sango collaborator, friends with Soulection, all that jazz). What you should check out: All That – a song where he sampled the All That theme song (!! I was sold, from that alone. like yoo ^_^) and Ain’t Gon’ Lie – basically a love song where he’s trying to ‘holla’ at a girl. It also samples a song (that I don’t know) with an old-school R&B vibe to it. I really like the synth sounds.
  • Tori Kelly – I kiiind of stan for her! Her voice is LEGIT. Like, church-soloist-with-the-runs legit. I’m pretty sure she’s been part of *every* tribute at *every* single awards show lol. BET Awards, Grammy awards, Emmy’s, whatever. I actually really liked her album, even though it was noticeably non-cohesive and seemed very much like a “debut” album (it *was* in fact her debut, but to me it’s always good when it’s not too obvious). I played all of the singles (‘Unbreakable Smile‘, ‘Expensive‘, ‘Should’ve Been Us‘) and several other songs a whole lot over the summer. It’s also been re-released (I figure because of her recent exponential success that only happened maybe a few months after it originally came out) so you should check it out [if you like pop/R&B]!  Her duet with Ed Sheeran is great.
  • Ta-ku – I’m starting to think he’s kind of an expert at romance lolol. I listened to a “self-interview” he did about his album and you can tell he’s really insightful (and he seems so kind and chill! lol). Songs To Make Up To was good, I listened to it towards the end of summer and when I came back home it stayed on my car playlist for a long time.
  • Leon Bridges – Love dude. Saw a few people mentioning his name online before his debut (Lecrae, Joshua Kissi). That Coming Home album is gold. Also I watched a livestream of one performance he did at a festival somewhere in Europe, he seems just as good live.
  • Lianne La Havas – Let’s ignore her slip-up, okay. Delightful album. If I ever get to it, I’ll review it sometime lol.
  • Andra Day – So I only came across this lovely lady’s name while following the 2016 Grammy nom. announcements on Twitter. I saw Leon Bridges’ name there (I was excitedd, of course) and Tori Kelly’s, too. I didn’t recognize Andra’s so I thought, well she *mustbe a big deal to get a nomination. Especially in a list with my other favourite newbies. I checked her out and sheesh. Plus she’s pretty much a stunner.

And on top of that, this lady already had an Apple ad with *the* Stevie Wonder. We hadn’t even heard of her properly yet lol! Her voice is really lovely. She gives off old-school, classic vibes just like Leon and it turns out they’re already friends, too.

This is getting long so I’m going to try to rattle off the other artists…

  • Andy Mineo‘s song ‘Know That’s Right’ – From his latest album Uncomfortable
  • Kirk Franklin‘s newest album, Losing My Religion – Was also a mainstay on my car playlist. I enjoyed it from beginniiiing to end. And listen, Linda … Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burrell on one song. Do you want us to die and resurrect. This Lalah woman’s bass notes alone! I’m like, ah! Just disrespectful lol.
  • Contradiction – Mali Music ft. Jhené Aiko (A single that was on the Chiraq soundtrack, so I assume it was made for the movie?)
  • Bibi Bourelly on ‘Chains‘ – A pretty nice [I don’t want to say ‘woke’, ehem] socially conscious song by Usher on police brutality; it has a great video that was wonderfully presented on Tidal. Did some Youtube surfing and I found this song, which lead me to her and she’s great. I like her personality. And her voice? Just glorious. (She also wrote BBHMM!)
  • Seinabo Sey‘s recent album Pretend – This is now one of my favourite albums of all time. Also on my never-ending review list.

Side-note: I made a list of the songs I liked from 2015. All of these artists (except Bibi Bourelly) were on there. Really hoping I can do longer personal reviews in the future…


  • Café Kwae – I loved this 2-part article series on Circumspecte about how they got started! Great photos (and qualifies for the next section, too lol). I had a lovely mocktail there in January this year (2016); that was the second drink I’ve had that was really good. I did one of those my old introvert things and went there on my own with a book  (that I barely read ’cause I felt so weird) and had one of their juice concoctions of the day (something with hibiscus, I think). That was about a month after they opened. Their menu is always changing (which is sad, for me 😩) and they are *mad* pricey (as in, maaad pricey for a café) but they’re all around lovely.

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

    my mocktail


  • I’ll Never Be My Wife’s Equal (Medium). Favourite part: “Emotionally stunted men blame their romantic failures on the woman who just won’t love them “as they are. They find themselves in relationships with stunning, successful women who have the primary function of simply surviving the mishaps of their partners. There is a long storied tradition of men burdening women with our inability to meet them half, or even a quarter of the way in relationships.”
  • AccraWeDey podcast – My favourites last year were the premiere episode (Gallery of Feelings w/ Ofoe Amegavie), and the one on Purple Wheels (Ep. 3).  (This year, so far it’s been the Signatures Magazine episode and ‘Relationship Goals’ w/ Ofoli & Annertey).


  • Food from Honeycomb Café (Airport Res. Area) – Their prices and portions were pretty darn good the multiple times I went there last year and earlier this year. Prices have gone up a little and portions have gone down 🙃 and they still have mad mosquitoes but the food still tastes pretty good.
  • Shawarma from Basilissa – This is the most unhealthy thing lol, but I reeally enjoyed it the first time I had it.
  • Sabolai Radio Music Festival – I only got to go for the first time last year and it was exciting! I really had no context or expectations when it came to local music but I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I got to see talented artists. It was the first time I encountered AYAT, KaySo and Okuntakinte (who I wouldn’t have otherwise known can sing, honestly. really, he can).

Hoping I can hurry and post favourites from the first half of this year soon.

Any comments, questions, reactions, *further recommendations* — let me know!

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