soft places for me.

[I write for me first. Just felt I should say that, because in consuming things others share on the Internet, sometimes we forget and don’t fully honour or give attention to what a person — who is being vulnerable in a respectful way — is really saying, going through or in need of. One of the best things you can do is to try to fully see them.]

Tuesday nights

honest conversations with E. D.

church (my new one)

studying photographs

Sundays when it’s quiet

sitting and talking with God when everyone is asleep

relaxing scents on my body

being in nature. . .sitting amongst trees and the wind, watching the ocean go back and forth

watching the sun set

the couch in Marquis suite that I cried on when K. died and listened to Broken But I’m Healed over and over again as I lay in it

all the times God has been present

freshly made crepes with Nutella ^_^

being around children

friends trying to make me laugh, intentionally

when there are sweet-smelling things in my hair and it’s washed and soft and soothing 🙂

“The Lord gives His beloved sleep.”

Shannon; I still have the card she gave me in my room. (Of course one of the softest people on earth pointed me to that verse on sleep)

Cornerstone Church, their evening service and all the humanness carried within those walls

all the softness God brings. . . both in His healing and in His understanding.

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