About Me

Hi! I’m a 26-year-old Ghanaian. Art and Psychology student previously. Working in graphic design now.

What I pay attention to most of the time: art & faith & design & culture & mental health & overthinking. Recovering shy person, 50% introverted, Christian.
Learning what it is to be me 🙂

Made a gif to summarize a little better:


So basically, a lot of the content you’ll find here will be related to that.

Oh, and disclaimer: Most header/cover images are shot/designed by myself (otherwise, they’re credited to the source!). And I try to use as many of mine as possible in the blog posts, too.

Feel free to comment or say hi here, or elsewhere (like Twitter or Instagram).

For a longer/professional bio, visit: about.me/andreahayford.

To see my portfolio, visit: andreah.portfoliobox.io.

Thanks for reading!

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